H2 Bev Hydroshot 

False Advertising!

H2Bev may have some serious upcoming problems with consumers.


While they advertise on their website that the Hydro Shot product contains Sustamine and Alpha-GPC, two very expensive ingredients, the ingredients are missing from the actual product. Please let us know how much H2Bev HydroShot you have purchased in the past few years, and we will work to get you all of your money back.We have time-stamped screenshots from the website that claims that the product has these two particular ingredients, and we also have purchased multiple cases of this H2Bev product from all around the country. All of their products have the exact same labeling on it that does NOT include these two ingredients. It is apparent that while they are advertised as such, these ingredients are in fact not in the actual product.


See the below images:

H2 Bev Hydroshot False Advertising

As you can see above, H2 Bev has clearly been advertising the inclusion of two very expensive ingredients, Sustamine and Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC). But take a look at the actual product below:

H2 Bev Hydroshot Product Photo