Has H2 Bev defrauded you or your investor group out of money?

Have you done business with H2 Bev aka H2Bev, H2 Beverages, H2 Beverages, Inc. or H2 Bev LLC. and been taken advantage of?

Has Kurt Ruppman, Kraig Ruppman, Shelli Ruppman or Shannon Ruppman made promises to you only to break them or defrauded you out of money or product?

Our company is investigating the business dealings of H2 Beverages, the Ruppman family and its associated entities and individuals in the preparation of a lawsuit against them. 

It has come to our attention that our clients are not the only ones that have been misled and/or scammed by H2 Bev,  Mr. Ruppman, or his children.

If you have been harmed in any way, shape, or form by CEO Kurt H. Ruppman, his son Kraig, daughter Shelli or Shannon and their associated businesses, please contact us. We may be able to add you to our lawsuit and help you find justice.


  • Our clients were introduced to Mr. Ruppman and H2 Bev several years ago. An agreement was made to purchase a certain amount of products and a separate agreement was made to acquire the exclusive rights to private label H2 Water and distribute. Our clients paid H2 Bev a SIGNIFICANT sum of money. The only two things our clients received in return was a pallet of improperly-produced beverages that had an odd smell and didn’t perform as promised and the run-around.

  • Mr. Ruppman proceeded to attempt to continually change the terms of the agreement on the fly and failed to deliver anything thereafter. He and H2 Bev have since refused to cooperate with our clients, holding on to a large sum of money and failing to deliver.

  • We are investigating to not only assist our clients with their lawsuits but also stop H2 Bev from defrauding others. Unfortunately, Mr. Ruppman and H2 Bev may have repeated these fraudulent business practices several times over.


Attention H2 Bev customers: If you have purchased H2Bev HydroShot, whether directly or from a recommendation from Tywon Hubbard AKA H2Hubb.com, you may want to demand a refund immediately. You may have been scammed by false promises, inaccurate labeling, and false advertising! Mr. Hubbard has been notified of the false advertising and deceptive practices and has refused to speak out. 


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If you have been scammed by H2Bev, H2 Beverages Inc, H2 Bev LLC, its affiliates, owners, partners, representatives, family members, or any other aliases they may have operated under, we can help you.

With the amount of potential victims out there, we will be filing and heading a class action lawsuit which will include damages, in the form of refunds and other payouts.

Contact us via the form below and one of our associates will get in touch with you ASAP.

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